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Help us finish our upcoming album “Blood & Voices”

Posted by : Webmaster on May 30th 2013

Hi everybody,

Help us finish our upcoming album "Blood & Voices"

Synesthesia will be recording their second album. This is your chance to participate in it!
Pre-order your CD and there’s something for you in it as well!

Everyone who donates will ofcourse get their own copy of the new album and you will be
automatically enrolled in our lottery! We will select several lucky winners to receive
a special invitation to become part of our music and visual experience!

More details will be anounced soon! We (Tom, Niels, Marco, Hugo, Paul and Dennis) are all counting
on your support to make it happen, to put our new album Blood and Voices on record, over one hour
of progressive rock music featuring many different styles and interesting musical concepts as
well a great story!

Synesthesia live in Nijmegen @ Karpe Noktem

Posted by : Webmaster on May 28th 2013

Hi everybody,

Synesthesia will be performing Blood and Voices live in Cafe Weerlicht for Karpe Noktem's Prognight!

We will be playing on thursday May 30th in Cafe Weerlicht in Nijmegen
Admission fee is 2 euros.
We will be playing together with Sane.
Check out the Karpe Noktem site for more info
Check out the Cafe Weerlicht site for directions

Welcome Paul!

Posted by : Webmaster on February 8th 2013

Hi everybody,

After a short period of searching we are proud to announce our new guitarist: Paul Smolders

Paul will be taking over guitar parts from Jeroen who decided to depart from the band in January
Paul is a very promising guitarist with many roots in both progressive and even jazz oriented rockmusic
Make sure to check us out on of our upcoming shows!

Synesthesia is back!

Posted by : Webmaster on December 13th 2012

Hi everybody,

It has been a while, but Synesthesia back. After our last couple of shows in Tilburg in 2010, we decided
it was time for something new, so we started working on our very own progressieve rock concept album!
Based on a concept by Marco we started writing on our big project: Blood and Voices.
Well this has now come to completion, it took us some time, but we're ready to go out and show what we've made.
That's why Synesthesia will be playing live at Popcentrale in Dordrecht on January 10th 2013
We will be performing the new concept album, Blood and Voices (over one hour of progressive rock music), live
for the first in front of an audience. So be sure to come and join us on our first trip in performing this
new great music live! Check our Facebook for more details on the venue!

There is also some sad news, after more dan 7 years of being part of Synesthesia, Jeroen (guitars) has decided to
depart from our band, in pursuit of new life challenges. We wish Jeroen great luck in his endeavours
and great succes with new adventures! Jeroen will however be performing with us on January 10th,
making that his goodbye show. We will soon start auditioning replacement, in support of new shows
coming up in early 2013!

Synesthesia live in 013 Tilburg

Posted by : Webmaster on December 5th 2010

Hi everybody,

Synesthesia will be playing live at Latente Talenten festival in 013 Tilburg on Friday December 10th
Admittance is free!
Interested? You can come see our new formation perform live on:

10th December 2010 - 013 Tilburg - Performing live.

Upcoming show and a new member!

Posted by : Webmaster on October 5th 2010

Hi everybody,

After hiring our new bassplayer Hugo, we are currently proud to announce a new member to the Synesthesia family!!
His name is Tom van Aarle and will be playing keyboards/samples/synesthesizers for us. His job is going to be to
expand the Synesthesia sound with a dedicated keyboardist and turning this element into a permanent part of our music.
Interested? You can come see our new formation perform live on:

22nd December 2010 - The Rambler Eindhoven - Performing live for Glazen Huis.

It's going to be a great night with several bands playing good music. Starting at round 18:00. Be sure to be there!.

Synesthesia hires new Bassplayer!

Posted by : Webmaster on June 22nd 2010

Hi everybody,

After several weeks of trying out and having auditions, we finally made the decision: Hugo will be our new Bassplayer.
With Hugo we've found the perfect match to fill the gap that was left after Ferenc departed from our group.
We will be focussing on writing some cool new tunes and making some great new Progrock for you all to experience.
Keep a close eye on Synesthesia, you will hear from us soon!

Ferenc has left Synesthesia

Posted by : Webmaster on Februari 10th 2010

Hi everybody,

Due to irreconcilable differences in wishes and musical journeys, as of Februari 5th, Ferenc (Bass,Keyboards) has left our group.
We have mutually aggreed upon that Ferenc' personal musical aspirations did no longer match the rest of the band's and therefore have decided to go our separate ways. We wish Ferenc great success in his new musical embarkings and hope to see him again someday in the world of Progrock out there.

Synesthesia however will go on!!!

The rest of the group have decided to move on and search for replacement and will continue to build our band and write new material. We will also be looking out for new shows, after taking a hiatus due to Marco becomming a dad to a little girl.
Our CD will ofcourse still be up for sale so if you want one, please contact dennis@synesthesiaonline.nl

One final note: All you Prog Bassists and aspirating musicians out there: if you're looking to play with our band, be sure to contact me!

Show on 8th January was cancelled, new show on 31st

Posted by : Webmaster on Januari 28th 2009

Hi everybody,

Due to illness our show in Kaffee Lambiek on 8th of Januari had to be cancelled, sadly. However we will be performing there (again) on the 31st of Januari for Roxxity's Band-day.
Same place, however now a whole day of fresh new bands playing music, topping it of with a Synesthesia show on the very end of it.

Make sure you're there! Entrance = free!
For all interested we will have plenty of copies of our cd available for sale. As said earlier, copies will go for 7,50 euros. With this you will be sponsoring a hard working band to produce more and more music in the future.

If you really can't wait, send an email to me dennis@synesthesiaonline.nl or to webmaster@synesthesiaonline.nl!

Live performance in Tilburg on 8th of January

Posted by : Webmaster on December 8th 2009

Hi everybody,

In the wake of our new record being released we will be performing a show on the 8th of Januari at Kaffee Lambiek in Tlburg (see gigs section).

For all interested we will have plenty of copies of our cd available for sale. As said earlier, copies will go for 7,50 euros. With this you will be sponsoring a hard working band to produce more and more music in the future.

If you really can't wait, send an email to me dennis@synesthesiaonline.nl or to webmaster@synesthesiaonline.nl!

Synesthesia - Everything else . . . Illusion : it's here!!

Posted by : Webmaster on November 3rd 2009

Hi everybody,

It's here!! Our new and first recording as Synesthesia and it's called: Everything else . . . Illusion A preview of the cover:

It took a little longer than we guessed, but it's finally done, right now we're waiting for the first couple of hundred copies to ship in so we can start spreading them
We recorded four of our best songs totalling up on 34 minutes of music. Here's the final tracklist

Trust RIP - 5:42
The Mystic - 6:59
Dilemma - 6:05
Ghost in the Machine - 15:23
I A concept of mind
II Question all authority
III Random Patterns
IV Soul Sequencer

If you're interested in getting a copy please send a mail to info@synesthesiaonline.nl and we'll make sure you get one.

So be sure to get your copy and support this hard working prog band to produce more and more music in the future!

Our first record is almost done!!!!

Posted by : Webmaster on October 11nd 2009

Hi everybody,

It's almost here!! Our new and first recording as Synesthesia. Only half a year in, Marco and the rest of us decided it was time to head into the studios and record some cool songs. We started our late August and worked our way through September, and now it's almost done, the final stages of mastering and mixing are being done and we are very anxious to finally have it!!
We're gonna keep the title a secret until release date, but we recorded 4 of our best songs making a total of about 34 minutes of music. The songs recorded are:

Trust R.I.P. - Dilemma - The Mystic - Ghost in the Machine (Part I-IV).

So if you thought it was a little quiet here, you were right since we were working our asses off together with Peter van Tilburg (Studiobizz studios) to get the record done.
We'll keep you posted but we hope to have it released somewhere late October!


Some updates!

Posted by : Webmaster on May 1st 2009

Hi everybody,

First of all I would like to introduce our new Guitarist!! MJS has joined our band last month in our efforts to replace Robert Heijnen after leaving the band late 2008. You can find his biography on the Bio page. Having recruited MJS we hope to quickly get back in the game by performing some new shows, play some new songs and finally head into the studios to record our first ever record.

Next up is that we've joined Livebands.nl to help us and others get some really cool live gigs. Click the banner to learn more about it.

Finally we are proud to announce a new gigs had been booked. We'll be performing live on May 28th in Cafe Whilhelmina in Eindhoven. more details will be posted soon!


New video from Synesthesia online!

Posted by : Webmaster on March 10th 2009

Hi everybody,

We've posted up a new video from our live show at PopEI! You can watch it on Youtube, right here or on our hyves page. More will follow! Give us your thoughts and we'll be back soon with some new tracks online.


Synesthesia in Search for a new member!

Posted by : Webmaster on Februari 16th 2009

Hi everybody,

Synesthesia will be on the lookout for a new member. After careful consideration Robert (Guitar/Synths) decided to leave the band. We wish him all the best and hope to jam with him sometime in the future.

However!! Synesthesia WILL go on! Though we're short one person, it will not diminish our motivation to play and create some very fine music. Nonetheless we will be auditioning to find a suitable replacement for Robert.

If you are or know someone who plays guitar and or synethesizer/piano and is interested in playing with us please contact us for an audition.


Synesthesia Live at Pop Ei

Posted by : Webmaster on December 5th 2008

Hi everybody,

Synesthesia will be performing live at the Pop-Ei in Eindhoven on Februari 6th 2009. Check out their site. We will be playing there together with Moped and God's Monkey.


More information will follow soon.

Synesthesia on Hyves
Posted by : Webmaster on December 5th 2008

Hi there,

Synesthesia is also available on Hyves.nl. So join our fan-hyve now at synesthesia.hyves.nl.

New live performance
Posted by : Webmaster on 30th May 2008

Hi everybody,

We will be performing live onstage at The Rambler in Eindhoven on saturday June 21st. Update: We've got MySon to support us that night!! Check it out: http://www.therambler.nl and also check MySon's page: http://www.myspace.com/mysonband.

Venue: The Rambler
Where: Eindhoven
When: 21st June, round 9pm
Check it out
Posted by : Webmaster on 2st March 2008
Hi everybody,

We've got some new stuff in the band's bio section, and I posted up some mp3's from one of our latest live performances
Soon we will also be taking on some studio time, and hopefully bring back a good demo or even an EP for you all to enjoy.
New website is online
Posted by : Webmaster on 1st March 2008
Hi everybody,

finally our website is online. Here you will find all the stuff that is synesthesia related. We will be posting our new gigs, pictures and music samples here soon.
All about the band When and where will we be playing Music and discography Contact the band Pictures taken at live shows home
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